Automotive Test Tech

Full Time
Memphis, TN
Posted 8 months ago

Job Title: Automotive Test Technician

Department: Product Development

Location: Memphis, TN

Reporting to: VP of Product Development

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Perform engine and vehicle component installations and test set-up, including activities for instrumentation, plumbing, electric harness connection.
  • Assemble and disassemble powertrain system and components.
  • Build test fixtures involving welding, fabrication, and soldering.
  • Collect test data, monitor test performance, document observations and communicate project status and results to Engineers.
  • Maintain and calibrate test equipment.
  • Manage all dyno, lab and facility equipment.
  • Maintain a safe dyno and lab operation environment.
  • Support Engineering staff in identifying and purchasing lab equipment.
  • Support Engineering staff in building and testing prototypes.
  • Provide information and data to Engineers as requested.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Two plus years of experience in a lab environment working with test equipment, or equivalent.
  • Experience and skills in dealing with the issues and troubleshooting of new product development and product quality verification process.
  • Knowledge of engine/chassis dynamometer systems and Spintron valve train test equipment.
  • Good communication skills and teamwork required.
  • Experience and skills in lab instrumentation and system set-up. 


  • Minimum two years’ experience in the field of high performance automotive 

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Product Development


Product Development




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