Powertrain Calibration Technician

Cerritos, CA
Posted 7 months ago

The Powertrain Calibration Technician will support customers with technical support and engineers with testing and instrumentation support.  

Specific Duties include:

  • Support customers by suppling the proper calibrations for their vehicles.
  • Troubleshoot customer issues with supercharger installation.
  • Install test instrumentation on research and development vehicles.
  • Running power curves and emissions traces on chassis dynos.

Applications include:

  • Emission legal performance upgrades: supercharger, turbocharger, and other spark ignition performance modifications.
  • Racing: Calibration support for tuning of supercharger, turbocharger, cylinder head, camshaft, and intake manifold systems for peak performance.

Automotive OEM or Aftermarket Powertrain calibration experience.

  • Required: minimum 5 years of experience calibrating aftermarket powertrains.
  • Demonstrated experience with common aftermarket tuning software.
  • Deep understanding of spark ignition internal combustion theory and applications.
  • Understanding of modern OEM strategies for engines and transmissions.
  • Understanding of emissions and OBD-II regulations for modern automobiles as they apply to calibration.
  • Operation of chassis and engine dynamometers for performance and emissions.
  • Ability to communicate directly with emissions lab personnel to obtain proper certification testing results.
  • Ability to work with common OEM or aftermarket software calibration toolsets.

Additional Requirements.

  • Valid California Driver’s License and good driving record. Ability to drive vehicles for tuning purposes.
  • Ability to travel for 1 or more weeks at a time to support emissions testing and environmental testing of the vehicles.
  • All potential employees are subject to drug screening and background check.

Preferred: EFI Tuning School certificate

Minimum: High Scholl Diploma

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